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Installing Adobe CS6 Under Wine

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I’ve been using Adobe CS6 under Wine on Linux for quite some time now. And it works quite well for the most part. Most tutorials I found online are specific to Photoshop so here’s one for all CS6 applications.

  1. Install winetricks

winetricks is an utility for managing Wine dependencies. You can obtain it from your distribution’s repositories or GitHub. For Arch Linux, run

sudo pacman -S winetricks
  1. Create an empty Wine prefix
mkdir ~/.wine/adobecs6
export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine/adobecs6
  1. Install necessary dependencies
winetricks gdiplus atmlib msxml6 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010 msxml3 fontsmooth=rgb

Some applications require Apple QuickTime. You can install this through winetricks using winetricks quicktime76, or you can use QuickTime Alternative so you don’t end up having QuickTime Player installed.

  1. Launch the CS6 installer
wine /path/to/Adobe\ CS6/Set-up.exe

Note that Acrobat X Pro will fail to install. The installer may complain about installation of some applications failing but that’s completely normal.

Wine should create the desktop icons used to run these applications from your desktop environment.

For up-to-date information on compatibility, visit the corresponding pages on Wine AppDB.

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